About Us

What is the Boolean Maths Hub?

The Boolean Maths Hub is one of the 40 maths hubs in England which are coordinated by the NCETM, as part of the DfE funded flagship initiative. 

We provide determined support for all schools/colleges to improve:

- the teaching of mathematics
- the leadership of mathematics
- the school’s mathematics curriculum


We are an inclusive collaborative community of local and national leaders of maths education which is committed to championing equity. We provide continuous and collaborative professional development opportunities in order to develop the teaching and learning of mathematics and to improve outcomes for all children and young people. 

The Boolean Maths Hub region covers 5 counties and 9 local authority districts and since our inception in 2014, we have worked with over three quarters of the schools in our region.



The Boolean team is made up of practitioners from across the region and professional development is provided through work groups and personal PD programmes.