Teaching for Mastery

The National Maths Hubs Programme, led by the NCETM, has developed a ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach, drawing on international research, including that from Shanghai. 
Ofsted are one of the Strategic Advisers to the Maths Hubs Network and here's a message from Sean Harford, HMI National Director Education, given to our new Cohort 4 Specialists during their launch event this can be read in conjunction with the following extract from Ofsted's School inspection handbook.
Teaching for Mastery Specialists
These are classroom teachers who receive national training to increase their knowledge and hold a deep understanding of Teaching for Mastery (TfM). They have implemented TfM into their own practice and across their school, with support from SLT and their designated TfM Lead. They are supported to have the skills to  facilitate  Teacher Research Groups (TRG) with other schools across the region. Click here for further information on the benefits of becoming involved with a TRG (2019/20).
Primary Specialists Programme 
Year 1: Develop their own practice and implement across their own school.  Primary Mastery Specialists: Cohort 4
Year 2+: Work with other schools, facilitating TRGs & undertaking supportive school visits. Primary TfM TRG (2018/19)
This year we have 11 Primary Teaching for Mastery Specialists who are leading TRGs each containing on average 7 schools and we have 6 Specialists who are in the first year of the programme.

Secondary Specialists Programme

Year 1: Develop their own practice in their classroom Secondary Specialists: Cohorts 2 & 3

Year 2: Implement TfM across their department

Year 3+: Work with other schools, facilitating TRG & undertaking supportive school visits. Secondary TfM TRG

We have 3 Secondary TfM Specialists each running a TRGs this year along with 6 Specialists who are in the first and second year of the programme.

Should you require any further information please contact our Teaching for Mastery Administrator, Geraldine Pearce (geraldine.pearce@clf.cabot.ac.uk).