EYFS Teacher Research Group (TRG)


Getting the teaching and learning right in the Early Years, informed by recent ideas about teaching for mastery but also ensuring developmentally appropriate provision is vitally important. High quality early years provision has often been left out of the mastery debate in previous years.

This Work Group is being run to address these issues and to examine to what extent the principles of teaching for mastery can support the developments of high quality learning for children in their early years.

This WG will also be of wider benefit to other school through the production and dissemination of a “backward planning” document produced by WG participants.

This work group aims to:

• Build upon successful Early Years mathematical project work in North Somerset
• Build upon the outstanding outcomes for children’s mathematical development in North Somerset
• Further develop teacher’s knowledge of how young children develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding as well as positive attitudes towards mathematical learning
• Further develop the North Somerset ‘backward planning’ document to help Reception teachers beyond North Somerset to plan for and support children’s mathematical development
• Explore if, and in what ways, features of ‘mastery’ apply in the Reception context to ensure continuity and progression.

The 'backward planning' documents produced will then be shared on the website to those in the hub region, and beyond.