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Leading for Recovery and Sustainable development in Mathematics: Supporting Primary Leadership

This Work Group aims to develop sustainable approaches for pupil outcomes to ensure conceptual and procedural understanding are developed with a teaching for mastery lens, as part of COVID-19 recovery planning.    By investing time in leadership aspects, participants can reflect on specific challenges they may face, and explore recovery and longer-term priorities of implementation of teaching for mastery in schools. 

Supporting Covid-19 Recovery: Engaging with the Ready to Progress guidance materials

This Work Group is for primary colleagues who are looking to use the RTP guidance materials to adapt their provision following the COVID-19 pandemic and longer term. All sessions of this Work Group will be held online. It is especially relevant for NQTs and RQTs, as well as maths leads and schools who are not currently involved in a teaching for mastery Work Group. Teachers will be supported to deepen their understanding of the RTP materials and empower them in leading more impactful PD successfully. Headteachers and senior leads of the participants may also be invited to the “Defining curriculum and assessment” module. 

Covid Recovery Times Tables Intervention for Year 4 and Year 5 

This Work Group is for schools working with disadvantaged pupils in Y4 and Y5 classes who are not yet secure in times tables facts. It is particularly relevant for NQT, RQT and Teaching Assistants (TAs) who want to 

- explore practical, hands-on strategies to tackle deficits in times table knowledge
- tackle gaps in conceptual understanding of multiplication and division 

Participants in this Work Group will be provided with new resources to use in school which will be explored in the training sessions. Sessions will initially be held online and for this reason, schools will need to send two colleagues from each school so participants can trial the activities together. 

SEND & Mathematics Work Group - started 10 February