We have a number of work groups under this strategic priority:

Primary Teaching for Mastery (2018/19) Teacher Research Groups (Primary TfM TRG (2018/19)

This year we have 11 Primary Teaching for Mastery Specialists who are leading Teacher Research Groups each containing on average 7 schools and we have 6 Specialists who are in the first year of the programme. (Teaching for Mastery)

Sustaining (2017/18) Primary Teaching for Mastery (Sustaining (2017/18) Primary TfM)

Please note that the Continuing TRG work groups are a continuation of previous years' cohorts

Mastery Readiness (Mastery Readiness)

The Mastery Readiness work group refers specifically to the West Somerset Opportunity Area and will help schools to prepare for engaging in the Teaching for Mastery programme (2019/20)